Trying To Find Cruelty-Free, Organic & Eco-Friendly Nail Polish? Try VOID Beauty Nail Lacquer

In the past it’s been harder for many who are conscious of their effect on the environment and never like the thought of animals being utilized to try their make-up products to find cruelty free make-up and nail polish/lacquer brands and items which can be kind on their skin and also the environment. Nowadays however, there is certainly a growing number of emerging nail polish brands, including VOID Beauty, that’s addressing customers requirement for guilt-free products.

VOID Beauty can be a Chicago nail polish and lacquer brand that’s established in 2013. As the company are vegan-friendly, cruelty free and believe green is great, are suffering from products that are as described as being 5 free. The 5 free refers to undeniable fact that their goods are free of charge of phthalate (dbp), camphor, toluene, formaldehyde-resin and formaldehyde. Hence the name Void, like void of these harmful ingredients, is extremely apt.

They’re ingredients used in nail polish and lacquers which can be either tested on animals, toxic to bodies and/or perhaps the environment. Void Beautys founder is both a pet and manicure and pedicure lover who enjoys the excellent things in life and this is reflected perfectly in Voids polishes.

Each VOID Beauty seasons range of lacquer colors is influenced by the key individuals from their viewpoint the particular customer. The polishes are formulated being sort of the environment along with your skin and so are a colourful celebration in the adventures we go through in everyday life and also the spirit of individuality that individuals all strive to achieve.

Employees at VOID Beauty have spent a lot of time working to produce only the most beneficial formulas of completely organic and cruelty-free ingredients to get truly exciting and outstanding hues. Actually, their current range of lacquers includes you use 12 different colors like Just Overlook It (a captivating green hue), Hissy Fit (a sexy purple hue) and Ride or Die (a fashionable red hue). To produce things easy, each lacquer can be acquired on the standard cost of $18 and also the full-range can be found at

The Void Beauty lacquer range is currently online straight from the brands website, possibly at your skin Couture boutique, salon and spa in Beverly Hills, California. Though VOID Cosmetics are merely available through the entire US and Canada currently, they’ll undoubtedly expand their operations in order to meet the demand outside of the domestic market.