What exactly is Polio, And what are the The Symptoms And Polio Vaccine

A hazardous contagious disease caused by poliomyelitis virus is referred to as polio. The virus is spreading through the fecal matter and a healthy person can get infected if it gets in the contact with the fecal matter of the infected person. Many times, healthy people can get infected via nose secretions of infected individuals. The incubation period usually lasts for 21 to 30 days and then the symptoms of infection come out.

What Happens If Polio Virus Gets into The Body?

The virus enters the body through the mouth and from there it quickly spreads to the throat and intestinal mucus. Once it settles down in its host, the virus will attack body cells, corrupt them and use them to duplicate itself. After 7 to fourteen days, the virus will duplicate itself significantly and it’s going to be assimilated in the sufferers bloodstream. From there, it can damage the brain also, leading to paralysis.

Symptoms Of Polio

Interesting thing to notice here is that more than 70% of patients never feel or show any signs and symptoms. And these patients are the most hazardous to other healthy people as these can possibly spread the disease. Onto the next, about 20% of patients show some signs and symptoms like: upset stomach, sore throat, exhaustion and fever. There is no other serious signs and symptoms are observed within these 20% of infected.

Severe signs and symptoms like aseptic meningitis are being marked often times – about one to six percent of infected persons has severe signs and symptoms. These affected individuals will suffer from neck, back and leg stiffness for approximately 10 days and then they will recover completely. Much less then 1% of infected persons will develop paralysis.

Polio Vaccine

Polio vaccine includes an attenuated virus and it’s employed in for polio treatment. Two polio vaccines are offered nowadays and these are made to offer immunity against this hazardous virus. Young babies get these vaccines so that they might develop antibodies which will effectively fight against the polio virus.

Polio Treatment method

Today, there’s no available remedy. The only thing that may be accomplished for Polio Syndrome is to prevent this virus from entering the body. Howevere if it gets inside the body it’ll stay there forever, like many viruses do, plus it will not be eliminated entirely. There are medications that can be utilized to suppers the signs and symptoms though. It can sometimes occur that the someone possesses the virus and does not even know it. After that, some 30 or forty years later, the virus activates and leads to joint and muscle weakness, accompanied by pain, fatigue, breathing troubles and low energy. This is referred to as a post-polio syndrome and it may happen to affected individuals who were infected as young children but their immune system was able to have the virus under control for tens of years. It’s suggested to go to a doctor and get treatment therapy and physiotherapy.