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Charles Maddock’s story is one of hope and

healing. Imagine your lifetime taking a brand-new twist in the wrong

direction. You turn from a completely functional human being to 1 who is wholly

dependent. Which means that you shall no longer be the same person and you can’t do

whatever you can do earlier. All of this is situated a moment via an

accident or any other devastating unfortunate event. Life must move on.

Charles Maddock foundation supports life after such events.

The Charles Maddock’s


The foundation was conceived out of an

accident. Charles Maddock, the founder, was linked to a road accident. He was

hit by way of a Taxi and broke numerous bones. However, essentially the most devastating injury

he suffered was your brain trauma. He spent fourteen days in the coma with the New

York Presbyterian Hospital. After healing

in the hospital, Charles was required to do outpatient rehab. It was essentially the most painful experience

particularly if he understood he could only watch what he could earlier do

because he suffered Traumatic Brain Injury (TB).

He could start work after seven months of rehab

but he fully recovered after having a year. That is when Charles felt his old self. He

started learning about the trouble. He became aware of the pervasive presence

of TB in America. There are around 5.3 million Americans suffering from TB

related disabilities. These individuals require help from the condition that has been

rarely addressed. The Charles Maddock Foundation (CMF) assists the people who

have suffered TB into recovery and resumption to their new methods for living.

Charles Maddock

Foundation Objectives

The foundation targets enhancing medical

knowledge and improves the management of brain injury related condition. The aim

would be to boost the medical facilities being better equipped to handle conditions

that leave these diseases.

The foundation creates support resource for

folks who suffer from suffered traumatic brain injuries. With better helpful information on

they will, support and aid can be directed to the right people and increased a higher level awareness regarding how to handle

the situations encouraged.

The foundation targets educating physicians on

traumatic brain injury related issues so they be more effective equipped to handle

patients. Through research and publications, the down sides relating to TB are

broadly understood. The foundation provides the platform to bridge the data

gap among medics in the specified area.

The foundation raises funds for medical research

in neurology and neurosurgery through donation from support groups and


Why CMF?

CMF is often a foundation that’s born out of

personal expertise. The founder understands the specific situation those who are

suffering TB experience and has gathered the support of doctors

for example Dr. Howard Riina to be expanded the grab assist to people suffering from TB. What

remains is funds to regenerate life.

CMF addresses a complaint that affects the

lives of several Americans yet there isn’t any sufficient help directed towards people

who suffer. There are thousands and thousands of accidents that occur each year

in America. The folks linked to these

accidents require support in the reasons for CMF in some way.

Addressing the cause pursued by CMF not only

helps the individuals suffering from the physical conditions but in addition assists the

society in general as these groups go back to the society as normal people that are self-reliance.

Nothing is better in medicine that

bringing the science to the real situation within our societies. Through CMF,

the science behind the trouble is integrated in the society by offering the

right a higher level awareness. This process of cure not only increases the situation

in the patient but in addition is released with a healthy society.

How CMF supports the


CMF has sponsored numerous studies

that are targeted at enhancing the management of TB. Among the research areas that

the building blocks has pumped in its support are



field of Cerebrospinal fluid drainage in acute spine injury cases



Brain injury treatment algorithm project



Traumatic injury to the brain Treatment algorithm project



Protection through concussion education

These projects have in some way

helped in fighting against TB by either providing solutions or mobilizing the

society towards care and understanding of TB.